Shakti Mandala Pendants are painted on British made sycamore pendants and sealed with a protective coating.  

The Sycamore is a sacred tree.  Often related to the Egyptian Goddess Hathor, it is a tree that resonates with the Divine Feminine energy, beauty and nourishment. Sycamore opens us to the energy of love and nature, it strengthens life force and enhances intuition and spiritual gifts.  It can be used in meditation to open communication between the conscious and unconscious worlds.  If you've ever lived near a sycamore tree, you will know of it's extremely fertile nature.  I have a sycamore at the end of the garden.  It's branches are heavy with thousands of seeds that will end up in my lawn in autumn.  In the spring, my garden will be full of sycamore seedlings growing everywhere they land and the lawn becomes a baby sycamore forest. The sycamore is fertile, and full of potential.  It is resilient, strong and grows deep roots.  It especially likes places near water, as it like a good foot soak!  It grows strong, tall and old. 

On the back of the pendants, you will find my sigil, the date and the astrological glyphs for the sun and the moon and what sign they were in when when the mandala was created.  For instance, my first Shakti Mandala was created at the Leo new moon.  The sun was also in Leo that day (hence the birth of Shakti Mandalas!) so you will find the numbers 27072014 and the glyphs for sun, moon and Leo.  I had strong visions of reds and oranges and spinning wheels of colour.  I was reading astrological articles about the strength of the Leo new moon.  Double fire energy.  Time to show up.  Time to be yourself and give up fear. Strong as a lion.  Looking at the planets, the majority were either fire, or water signs, so along with the firey colours, I was seeing blues and purples.  I can't always explain where the mandala has come from. Sometimes they can be a vision I had a while back, but until they 'birth', they obviously aren't ready to be drawn out into the big wild world.  Some appear instantly in a flow of creativity.

Shakti Mandala pendants give you the chance to own a small, affordable piece of wearable, original and unique art!  Highly charged with creative energy and intention to bring creative power to the wearer, these pendants are a joy for me to create and I hope you will feel that too when you wear one.  Each pendant comes with a birth certificate and explanation of the design and the energies it carries.  What pendant are you drawn to?  What message does it hold?

All pendants come in a drawstring pouch with a leather cord, birth certificate and information about it's unique energy.

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What does Shakti Mandala mean?

Shakti is the Sanskrit word for energy and the expression of the creative power of the Divine Feminine. Shakti also refers to cosmic energy and the active power of the Great Goddess.  The word is also used to describe the mother, womb, spirit-wife, feminine guardian angel and the manifestation of the creative principle.  Shakti promotes being independence and enhances our connection with the whole universe. 

Mandala means circle, container of essence, and that which encircles.  It is the mind and the universe, the eye and the earth.  Mandalas are often circular symmetrical designs, used in meditation and various cultures around the world.  They represent the beauty, intricacy and impermanence of life.  For me they are a way to meditate and focus my mind, while producing something beautiful and meaningful.

Shakti Mandalas are snapshots in time.  I create the mandalas freehand after various visions and symbolic ideas present themselves.  As a Shamanic Artist I work closely with my dreams, visions and nature.  Creating small mandalas allows me to draw out the images I have seen quickly.  A piece is finished in hours rather than days.  

Tibetan buddhist's believe a mandala should consist of the Five Excellencies.  
The teacher, the audience, the message, the time and the place.

I am the teacher and the message.  The audience is you.  When I am compelled to paint a Shakti Mandala, the date is recorded as the birth date, along with what sign the Sun and Moon were in when it was created. The place is usually the same, my home studio (or living room as I like to call it!) although places I visit can trigger a mandala and if you connect to one of my mandalas it may be because of where you are in your life. The circle is complete when someone buys a mandala and wears it with pride.  They sometimes include symbols, text or spirit animals.  There are no boundaries.  I just create what I feel like creating.

Carl Jung drew a mandala everyday as he believed it to be a window into the soul.  Mandalas act as a window into my world, recording that moment.  Some of my mandalas are created from stones and leaves, and are very much impermanent,  but these pendants are created as little gifts of energy to share with others.  They record a specific day in time.  I use astrological charts and interpretations, along with my own feelings and intuition to create the Shakti Mandalas.  No two are alike, even if they share the same birth day!