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I was asked if Melissa, Goddess of the Bees could be featured on the cover of a magazine in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA!  Utah is apparently known as the Beehive state, and I am very honoured as they normally only feature local artists!

It was published today!  Check it!  You can read my Artist Bio here!

To view an online copy of the magazine click below.


Front cover and article in Indie Shaman Magazine!

The winter edition of Indie Shaman magazine features a photo of one of my wild creations on the cover, and an article all about mandalas!  There is also a full page ad for my T shirts and a colouring page!

Indie Shaman is a wonderful, small independent shaman organisation that offers training courses, a forum, wonderful shop and with membership, a magazine every quarter and discounts.  I would highly recommend checking them out!



Suzanne Mathis McQueen's book '4 Seasons in 4 weeks' is released TODAY!  It contains my Goddess mandala and a piece I wrote about Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder.

Check out her beautiful website and sign up to become a founding member (before Dec 31st 2012)

"Listen to the whispering of your ancient feminine lineage urging you to embody your greater purpose. Your inner knowing beckons and awaits you. The planet needs for you to awaken, remember, and take your place now."

  • Look phenomenal and feel great on a consistent basis!
  • Make decisions and connect at your optimal times
  • Enjoy the varied rhythm of your sexuality
  • Feel understood by your partner
  • Realize pleasure, happiness, and confidence
  • Easily reject the negative comments that society makes about women and their cycles
  • Understand the brilliance of why you feel one way one day, and another the next
  • Access your innate wisdom
  • Have the tools to empower yourself and your relationships
  • Transform unrecognized self-loathing into actualized self-loving
  • Stand in your power each and every day, understanding how that looks different each and every day

You can see a preview of the art included in the book here!

Indie Shaman Cover

Spiral Goddess on the cover of Indie Shaman Magazine - January 2012


I was lucky enough to be asked to write an article for Indie Shaman about Female shamanism and the menstrual cycle.  It was printed in this edition, along with my work on the front cover.  The magazine sold out of all the back issues!

You can read the article on my Natural Shaman blog.

Find out more about Indie Shaman