Art and Creations inspired by the Goddess and the Divine Feminine.

I have a particular interest and affinity for creating artwork based on the Divine Feminine, The Goddess and Female energies.

I have had PMDD, Pre Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder since I was a teen and for many years I battled with my periods and what it is to be a woman.  I became very ill and found it harder to connect spiritually.  I started writing a blog about my experiences, which soon led me to find other sufferers and from there I founded facebook support groups and created spaces for women to share their story.  I made art to illustrate and relieve how I felt and found talking to others and learning how to express myself really beneficial.

“This feminine energy poster is a beautiful tool to aid your journey and help you to unfold the power of the menstrual cycle”
— Alexandra Pope, co-author of The Pill: are you sure it's for you?

My real healing began when I stopped hating my body and started to be kinder to myself.  I learnt of ancient beliefs and knowledge about the menstrual cycle and began to understand the powerful magic held within every woman.  To process all the information and correspondences, I created a poster, and attended a Women's Quest Workshop in 2011 with Alexandra Pope.  I showed the ladies my poster and got such good feedback that I got some printed.  To date almost 150 posters have been sold to all parts of the globe.  Some decorate healing rooms and some were given as menarche gifts. I feel honoured that others like my work enough to purchase a copy and grateful every day to have found a way out of my darkness and a way to heal.


You can purchase copies of my Menstrual Energy Poster from my Etsy Store.  I have currently sold out of A4 posters and have very limited numbers of the A3 Posters left (as of February 2015).  I am hoping to design another poster and to get more of my feminine work on greetings cards and prints soon.

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I have written articles on the shamanic woman, creativity and the menstrual cycle, and keep a blog of my thoughts here at

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PMDD related Art and Design

Some of this art was created as an act of pure expression and frustration at not being understood.  Some created purely to try and help raise awareness of PMDD.