When life tells you to stop...

...in no uncertain terms.

A few weeks ago I had a car accident.  I was on my way to start my 1-1  Shamanic study and BAM, I get hit from behind by an 18 tonne lorry.  Thankfully, I don't remember anything about the accident. One minute I was slowing, indicating and preparing to turn, the next I was waking up in a hospital bed with a head injury and damaged shoulder.  I had apparently climbed out the car and been breathalysed but I have no memory of any of it.  Very, very scary experience. 

I have never had a car accident before.  Never experienced that kind of memory loss.  The whole day seems so surreal looking back, and if it wasn't for the painful, damaged shoulder and lack of car I wouldn't have known anything about it.  

I've spent all my time since trying to recover and deal with being on painkillers most of the time. There are massive shifts and changes going on.  I'm not sure where I'm going any more, but I feel excited to find out and see where this takes me. 

I've managed a few drawings in a new journal (it felt right to start a new journal, everything feels new at the moment) and other larger drawings have emerged too.  New ideas are forming and I hope to announce something pretty exciting soon.