Wedding Tattoos!

I received this lovely message in my inbox today.  It's always an honour to see my work on skin.

"Greetings from the States! 
I just wanted to share with you how your art has reached out and touched me and my husband's lives. Last winter solstice, we decided to get married, somewhat spur of the moment but with that date in mind. We did not have wedding rings so we were thinking of getting tattoos to represent this particularly special winter solstice. After searching for a while I came across your winter solstice mandala and showed it to my husband.. we instantly knew we wanted it as our tattoo. One morning my husband woke up to tell me that he was dreaming about the mandala and it was glowing with energy, and he insisted we get this done as our tattoo. A couple weeks ago we had them done and every time we look at them on one another we can't stop smiling.
Thank you for creating this piece of art!
Your art spirals out farther than you may think!
Much love, C & B"