Shakti Mandala is born!

The day after holding my first workshop, I was flowing with ideas.  Just sitting and painting again reminded me of the joy I get from choosing colours and working with paint and brushes.  Creating something smaller and more simple was so rewarding, and while I love my epic paintings that run on for weeks.. months.. there is a lot of joy to be had in creating small pieces and finishing them in one sitting.  I had ordered some wooden pendants to paint, just as a bit of fun really, and they arrived on the new moon while I was teaching.

The following day, I couldn't wait to experiment.  Small ideas flowed out, other images that I've been holding for a couple of months popped up too, as if all desperate to be given life.

I begin painting and in doing so, all the other elements that make Shakti Mandalas unique would flow into my mind, as if they had all been waiting for the right moment.

This current new moon energy is firey with the Sun and Moon being in Leo.  It's filled me with energy and desire to paint.  It's given me that kick up the butt to get painting again!

Shakti Mandalas are the perfect way for me to share the endless streams of vision, colours and shapes that are given to me.  Sometimes I'm given a name for the mandala before I've created it, and by researching the latest astrological influences, I am often inspired to draw on that energy and place it into a mandala.

More about the meaning behind the name Shakti Mandala and the first set of pendants to follow...