Lammas Camp

The most amazing things happen at the Grey Mare Camp in the forest.

I can recall seeing rainbows around the moon, wind and rain whipping up the moment a story has finished after a calm eve, horses circling camp during opening ritual and full blown firework displays..

This year however, no one could have foreseen the perfect timing, direction and symbolism of this years unexpected addition to the camp schedule.

Just as we were beginning our ritual (which later included the drawing of a bind rune across camp while holding flaming torches), just as the direction was being shown, an arm sweeping from left to right... a great noise came from above.

We all look up to see the full Red Arrows display team, in formation. They circle the field in the direction that had been gestured... we all watch, open mouthed as the planes complete a full circle of camp and fly off over the forest.

Leaving us all in a state of disbelief, we continue on with our opening ritual with great smiles and excitement, flaming torch in one hand, umbrella in the other, we begin to to draw the rune across the camp...

It would be good to mention that the shape of the display team, a chevron, matched exactly the shapes we were drawing across camp... You couldn't make it up!

2014-08-11 20.15.58.jpeg

I often feel that when I recite stories from camp that people think I must have been on the rum already but these things happen at the Grey Mare and always have...

While there I got some time to sit and create some new pendants.  As I knew I was to be sitting in a tent in the middle of a field, I took along my paint pens.  They are convenient and inspire a whole new style of design.  Simple tribal style designs flowed out, incorporating the rune we'd used earlier, and I found myself thinking how lovely it was to be sitting out in nature under the sky creating these designs.  

As always, each has a little message that comes with it, inspired by the thoughts and symbols that arose while creating the pendant.  The owl design came out just before the moon went into Aquarius, so actually has a moon sign of Capricorn.