Happy Birthday Phil!

My brother is an amazing artist.  It was his birthday recently, and as he gave me a wonderful original piece of art for my birthday, I felt I should create something for him in return.

Phil works a lot with the concepts of healthy and safety in the environment, and creates amazing dazzle graphics while experimenting with shapes and geometry.
You can see his work here http://www.fineartphil.com/

As we often find inspiration in each other, I experimented and prepared some watercolour paper using yellow and black paint.  I then began adding details using fineliners and more of the same coloured paint.  I worked using the zen mandala or zentangle principles, of just allowing doodles and images to flow out, continuing until I felt the image was finished.  I am very happy with the results and so was he!

It speaks of creation, the energy resonates outwards.  There is a tension, and a harmony. There is light, there is dark, busy-ness and balance.  The organic meets the organised.