Colour Me Happy

2015 has started with a bang!  Lots to do, ideas and projects on the go...

I will be back with a longer update about what I'm up to, but for now, I just wanted to let you know about my GoFundMe campaign.  Lots of ideas and projects call for materials and reasonable working conditions.  My trusty set of Prismacolor pencils have served me well, but a new set is called for.  Some of my pencils are just not usable any more and I'm down on lots of colours.  Prismacolor aren't cheap, but they do last, and they are like no other pencil out there.  I absolutely love working with them and have achieved lots of great art I never thought I was capable of.  The problem lies in that I also need a daylight lamp, and once new art is created, I'd like to get some of into print (greetings cards etc)

This generated the idea of asking some of my lovely supporters, friends and family if they could donate a little towards my art materials fund.  I set up the campaign last Sunday, and in just 7 days I have enough to purchase a 132 set of Prismacolor pencils!  I can't tell you how grateful I am to those who've donated.  It would have taken me a while to save enough, and now I can crack on with my new ideas and current projects.  I'm not asking for thousands.  My target is £300, which will get me pencils, a lamp and hopefully around £100 to spend on printing.  This will kick start my printed offerings, give my work an outlet and enable others to buy my art at more affordable prices.  I am offering rewards for different levels of donations.  There's a limited edition postcard, hand drawn zentangle postcards, 6x6 original drawings and discounted Shakti Mandala pendants.  Almost every donation requires me to create something in return, so for me it really is win win.

To say thank you to all my supporters, I create my first time lapse video.  It's a 30 minute drawing from scratch, condensed into 30 seconds.  I hope to create some more videos this year, so it was good to have a go!  I hope you like it!