Been busy!

I have managed to achieve some things on the drawing and creating front, but I have had very little time to share what I've been up to here.  I've also been suffering from some technical problems with regard to moving from one computer to a new one, so it's all been a bit complicated  All in good time as they say!  I will devote some time to sharing the new things I have been working on art-wise soon.

For now, have a peak at the table tops I just recently spruced up for my local Pagan camp.  They were just rough sterling board before, with some simple designs painted on them, so I gave them a facelift!  The next job to do is to create mandala outlines on the reverse side ready for more seed mandala workshops, and a good coating of varnish!

I used left over emulsion and acrylics, so all in all, it's been a free make over!