Capricorn Mandala

Capricorn Mandala 2012.


Happy Birthday Capricorn!

At this time of year in the Pagan/Celtic tradition we see the battle of the Holly King and the Oak king played out once more. Who will win the hand of the Goddess? At Winter Solstice, the Oak King wins the fight, and rules from December to June. The Lord of the Forest, the Green man... Although the Oak at this time is sleeping, it will soon be drawing in the warmth from the Sun and starting a new cycle. The Oak represents new life, new beginnings and great potential. At the Summer Solstice the Holly King wins the battle and rules from June to December. The Oak's power begins to fade, and makes way for the evergreen Holly, a symbol of protection... Holly bears fruit in the winter months, and reminds us of life living on through the harshest of climates. By nature it is spiky and defensive, strong and resilient.

The battle continues every year. The Holly King and Oak King are one and the same. Neither could survive without the other...

Prismacolour pencils on green canford paper.