Mandala Commissions

Healing Mandala for Jennie.


Now the original is in the safe hands of it's owner, I can share with you my latest mandala. It's been drawn to include many healing symbols and energies. The colours used are specific to the healing needed. Drawn on handmade paper, A4 size, with fine liners, Prismacolour pencils and gold pen.

I am always happy to create mandalas for people who feel they would like an image to aid healing, or to encourage focus on something. All mandalas are hand drawn and coloured. I try to include many symbols and all come signed, with my interpretation of what I have drawn and a digital copy to share online.  You get the original drawing of course!

Contact me here on on either of the FB pages below if you would like to commission a personal or healing mandala for you or a loved one.  Price is agreed on an individual basis but as a guide, they start at £30-£50.

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