Team Badger

I got inspired.  A friend wrote a poem about the Badger.  In light of the recent badger culling proposals in the UK, many of my friends are very much against the plans, including me!

The poem inspired a mandala, the mandala inspired a T Shirt, and the T Shirt inspired a way to raise funds to help support the organisations who are fighting the badger cull.

Brian May (the curly haired, Queen guitar legend) has brought many grassroots organisations together, commonly known as TEAM BADGER!

ยฃ2 from the sale of all 'Azkonar' Badger Spirit Mandala T Shirts go to the Badger Trust via my Just Giving Page.  Vist my SHOP page or go direct to

Look out for the T Shirts with a TEAM BADGER back print!



Badger, I be,
Since your twelfth century.

Brocc I was, before,
On this Saxon shore.

And when Romans came,
Meles was my name.

Tascos, by Celts called,
Like me, round-earth-halled.

As Azkonar, known
By the bronze folk, and stone.

I was here before you,
And your ancestors, too.

In the ice-caps' retreat
This earth felt my feet.

Deep as oak, ash, and thorn,
The cave I was born.

And here, still, I stand,
As old as the land,

And here shall remain,
To walk my green lane

By dusk and by dawn
For your children unborn,

If truly you care
For your kine - I'll be there.

by Nicolas Le Bercheur 2012