I am a Shamanic Artist, living in Hampshire near the south coast of England, UK.


I create a variety of things in a different ways. I enjoy experimenting with materials and new ideas. My art is inspired by symbols and nature, history, myth, shamanism, tribal cultures, words, dreams and visions. I enjoy creating things that are beautiful and useful, so along with paintings on canvas, I create painted pendants, boxes, furniture, stones and light catchers. I enjoy using simple materials and recycling and re-purposing treasures found at car boot sales and charity shops.

I create posters and greetings cards from my work, and plan to have a selection of black and white, and full colour cards and prints in the near future.
I am the designer behind the Secret Energy of the Menstrual Cycle poster, and am happy to say that the poster is now BACK IN STOCK and available from my Etsy store.

I am a mother to two beautiful girls, my greatest creations. I enjoy walks in the country and sitting on the beach listening to the waves. I make mandalas wherever I go, out of sticks, stones and feathers found on location. I see my art as an integral part of my sanity. It gives me a way to express myself, and all the visions and ideas that present themselves to me.  My painting is my meditation and my meditation is painting.
I believe art and creativity to be a direct link to the Goddess, the Quantum self, the Universe, and the flow of energy that is open to us all.

I am an Aromatherapist, Massage therapist and Reiki practitioner.  I offer Reiki in and around the Winchester area, and I also volunteer at the local Mind Wellbeing Centre, where I offer Reiki treatments and teach meditation.  I have been practising meditation for over 20 years and in 2012 gained my PTTLS teaching certificate that enables me to teach 16+ and adults.  

I have a deep interest in the spiritual realms, and the powers inherent within the universe. 
Cycles, circles, symmetry and organic forms all draw my attention.

In my drawings, I focus on balance, colour, harmony, symbol and pattern.  I am inspired by nature, sacred geometry, spirituality, history, myths, legends and Paganism.  I enjoy working symbolically, looking closely at numerology, colour therapy, and ancient symbols.

I have studied art since childhood achieving A grades in GCSE Art, and at A-level. I also have a BTEC in Graphic Design.  I also completed a foundation year at The Winchester School of Art.

I read the Tarot and am interested in Astrology.  I am a qualified Aromatherapist and have knowledge of the chakras and colour therapy.  I am following a path of the Divine Feminine, learning how to honor womanhood and use the full spectrum of energies that flow through me.  My biggest journey is the journey is into the self, and the discovery of the my own personal rhythm.  I am deeply drawn to India and it's cultures and symbols.  As an Anglo Indian, born in the UK, I have never yet visited my homeland, but the conscious and unconscious pull to the colours, food, religion and symbols never leave me, and I often find myself expressing my Indian heritage in my work.

I am an artist with a mood disorder, I work sporadically, and with many different mediums.  The urge to create can be filled by photography, face paint, painting or Photoshop, but my favourite tools are smooth paper, fine liners and Prismacolor pencils.  Quite often, my work is very controlled and detailed.  When your whole life feels out of control, it is nice to have that control on the page.  My next step is to develop much more 'free style' work, and experiment with new mediums.  I sometimes find it hard to create art that relates to my disorder, mainly focusing on the healing that can be found within drawing a mandala, and the peaceful energy it creates in the mind, but when a piece of work develops about PMDD, it is often powerful, and very therapeutic to create and view afterwards.

In my Shamanism studies, I access the other realms, and am often given ideas for new drawings and mandalas during my journeys.  Looking to the spiritual, the seasons or nature for inspiration happens on a daily basis.  Working with symbols, seeing them fit together, watching a new drawing grow is magical.

I am available for mandala, tattoo design or painting commissions.  Please use the contact form if you have any requests. 

Blessings, Cat x

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Art as Therapy

I believe all art has a therapeutic use.  Either in the viewing or creating.

The first thing I ever seriously wanted to be, age 11, was an Art Therapist.  It was virtually unheard of, and I could only send off for one leaflet on the subject.  To say I felt as though I'd hit a dead end was putting it mildly.  It seemed that the only use Art Therapy had in its early days was for getting information out of abused or troubled children.  I could not comprehend a career like that at the time, and so opted for Aromatherapy, which was just as obscure at the time.
As a child, I drew.  I drew things I could see, practised light and shade, texture and form.  I studied art at school, college and university but the art I created just for me, held more power than anything I had created for set projects.  The doodles, the endless lines and filling in, the angst and sadness I touched upon, meant more than qualifications.

Working with the Tarot, it's indulgent use of symbols and images, led me into a world of Art revealing Life.  While walking my pagan path, exploring witchcraft, shamanism, healing and astrology, I've learned about many correspondences within the universal systems that never cease to inspire me to draw.

In my early twenties, I began to read into The Mandala.  It was just another area of interest at the time, but it took over me, and I began to draw them all the time.  My first mandala's were more like pictures in circles, but this was good.  With a mandala I always had a starting point, and boundaries, so those initial worries, of tapping pencil to empty page, were immediately gone.  Over the years I have become more interested in sacred geometry and numerology, and my mandala's have become symmetrical, precise and colourful.

Every mandala I draw holds a special energy and place in my heart.  Mandalas often take on a life of their own during creation, and I am never sure of how the finished design will look.  I enjoy drawing them, and I am always overwhelmed at the end result.

The process of creating art is what heals, the freedom to draw, write or mold whatever you wish.  The paper, canvas or clay is a world waiting to be created, and you are the Creator.


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