The Menstrual cycle poster is now in it's 2nd reprint. Orders are being taken and stock will be sent out after 20th July 2015.

I feel honoured that my poster and chart has made it's way into the new online programme being offered by Alexandra and Sjanie at Red School (formerly the Women's Quest).  If you have been after a poster, my apologies!  It's been a tricky year so far and I've had to go with the flow as so many others are having to do.  


The poster has had a few tweaks.  A shorter title and updated logo, but other than that it's the same as before.  It is now however printed onto 100% recycled paper using eco-friendly vegetable oil based inks.  The paper is also chlorine free!  Being able to offer my artwork in such a way is exciting and the quality is simply stunning.  All posters are sent out in recycled cardboard tubes.

There is no price increase.  It's still £12 for a poster but I'm also offering a discount of £20 for two posters, saving you and a friend money on the posters and the shipping.  There is no extra shipping costs if you order two posters.  It's an excellent time to buy one for you and gift one to your favourite girlfriend.

So for now, please go check out my Etsy store and share with your friends.  More changes are coming here, so watch this space (as they say!).

Brand new shop!

... and brand new products!

The Menstrual Cycle - A Visual Guide is now available as an A4 print!

My other poster The Secret Feminine Energy of the Menstrual Cycle is also now available in A4 as well as A3.  The shop will occasionally contain original art and items, but for now, hop on over there and check out my poster packs!  You can find the shop via the shop link above, or just click below!


Happy 2013!

Early January saw the birth of a Visual Guide for women who want to learn more about what happens in their body during menstruation.  It was a spur of the moment creation, one that I wanted to see for myself, along with wanting to share it with other women.
After posting on Facebook, I have had many enquiries about it being available in print.  I am happy to share that it WILL be available as an A4 print in early Feb 2013.

Price will be around £8 with free shipping, with special offers if you buy both my posters together.  You can find my other poster here.

You can read more about the guide and explanations on my blog


Feminine Energy Cycle Poster

Created to represent the seasons and their symbolic connections to the menstrual cycle.

For more information, and to purchase, visit my Natural Shaman blog.