Greetings cards and Postcards

I now have greetings cards and postcards available!  Greetings cards are available in A5 and 12cm square cards and I also have had some lovely A6 postcards!  Check my Etsy store later this week to purchase.  Square cards and postcards are available in multi-packs.

The most exciting news!

The tail end of last week was a whirlwind of awesomeness. 

On the same day my eldest daughter turned 17, I received a message into my Etsy inbox. It was inviting me to be one of 35 exclusive Indo-British artists, designers and labels.  My first thoughts were that I could never afford it (hiring a table at the event is not cheap) and I'd never have enough stock etc etc.  I shared the news on Facebook with friends and family and within about 15 minutes I'd begun to start thinking about how I could do it. Everyone was so supportive and enthusiastic.  I began to see the potential benefits of attending and being part of this niche event. A few people suggested I set up a Gofundme page and ask for donations. I decided I had nothing to lose.  I set up the page.

Within 12 hours I had raised half of my £500 target. It was truly unbelievable. Wonderful friends and family donated, along with complete strangers.  24 hours after setting up the page, I hit my target and the stall was booked!  I am still taking donations as there is a lot to organise.  I have never done a show before and need everything!  If you feel you'd like to help, please click on the widget above.

Indo-British Fair on Oxford Street, London,  21st-23rd September 2015.  
More info -

"The event will be an exciting mix of eclectic products and cultural activities with Indo representing the east, gypsy, tribal and boho and British the west, vintage, retro and contemporary. There will be interesting activities like vintage fashion booth, British tea sessions, henna art, block printing workshops etc."
"The fair will be showcasing 35 curated exhibitors offering the best of British and Asian and gypsy fashion and culture. ."

To have my art chosen and described as Indo-British is such an honor. My Anglo Indian heritage has always been a big part of my life and my love for the county and culture often flows through into my art.  To be known as an Anglo Indian (or Indo-British) artist, to exhibit among others influenced by similar things would be a dream come true.  I am very proud of my heritage, and as Anglo Indian communities are dying out all over India, I feel passionate about keeping the memory of the Anglo Indian people alive.

So, watch this space for more details.  I have a summer of painting and sourcing products.  

My table is booked for the opening day on 21st September 2015.  I am very excited!

Colour Me Happy

2015 has started with a bang!  Lots to do, ideas and projects on the go...

I will be back with a longer update about what I'm up to, but for now, I just wanted to let you know about my GoFundMe campaign.  Lots of ideas and projects call for materials and reasonable working conditions.  My trusty set of Prismacolor pencils have served me well, but a new set is called for.  Some of my pencils are just not usable any more and I'm down on lots of colours.  Prismacolor aren't cheap, but they do last, and they are like no other pencil out there.  I absolutely love working with them and have achieved lots of great art I never thought I was capable of.  The problem lies in that I also need a daylight lamp, and once new art is created, I'd like to get some of into print (greetings cards etc)

This generated the idea of asking some of my lovely supporters, friends and family if they could donate a little towards my art materials fund.  I set up the campaign last Sunday, and in just 7 days I have enough to purchase a 132 set of Prismacolor pencils!  I can't tell you how grateful I am to those who've donated.  It would have taken me a while to save enough, and now I can crack on with my new ideas and current projects.  I'm not asking for thousands.  My target is £300, which will get me pencils, a lamp and hopefully around £100 to spend on printing.  This will kick start my printed offerings, give my work an outlet and enable others to buy my art at more affordable prices.  I am offering rewards for different levels of donations.  There's a limited edition postcard, hand drawn zentangle postcards, 6x6 original drawings and discounted Shakti Mandala pendants.  Almost every donation requires me to create something in return, so for me it really is win win.

To say thank you to all my supporters, I create my first time lapse video.  It's a 30 minute drawing from scratch, condensed into 30 seconds.  I hope to create some more videos this year, so it was good to have a go!  I hope you like it!

Lammas Camp

The most amazing things happen at the Grey Mare Camp in the forest.

I can recall seeing rainbows around the moon, wind and rain whipping up the moment a story has finished after a calm eve, horses circling camp during opening ritual and full blown firework displays..

This year however, no one could have foreseen the perfect timing, direction and symbolism of this years unexpected addition to the camp schedule.

Just as we were beginning our ritual (which later included the drawing of a bind rune across camp while holding flaming torches), just as the direction was being shown, an arm sweeping from left to right... a great noise came from above.

We all look up to see the full Red Arrows display team, in formation. They circle the field in the direction that had been gestured... we all watch, open mouthed as the planes complete a full circle of camp and fly off over the forest.

Leaving us all in a state of disbelief, we continue on with our opening ritual with great smiles and excitement, flaming torch in one hand, umbrella in the other, we begin to to draw the rune across the camp...

It would be good to mention that the shape of the display team, a chevron, matched exactly the shapes we were drawing across camp... You couldn't make it up!

2014-08-11 20.15.58.jpeg

I often feel that when I recite stories from camp that people think I must have been on the rum already but these things happen at the Grey Mare and always have...

While there I got some time to sit and create some new pendants.  As I knew I was to be sitting in a tent in the middle of a field, I took along my paint pens.  They are convenient and inspire a whole new style of design.  Simple tribal style designs flowed out, incorporating the rune we'd used earlier, and I found myself thinking how lovely it was to be sitting out in nature under the sky creating these designs.  

As always, each has a little message that comes with it, inspired by the thoughts and symbols that arose while creating the pendant.  The owl design came out just before the moon went into Aquarius, so actually has a moon sign of Capricorn.

Shakti Mandala is born!

The day after holding my first workshop, I was flowing with ideas.  Just sitting and painting again reminded me of the joy I get from choosing colours and working with paint and brushes.  Creating something smaller and more simple was so rewarding, and while I love my epic paintings that run on for weeks.. months.. there is a lot of joy to be had in creating small pieces and finishing them in one sitting.  I had ordered some wooden pendants to paint, just as a bit of fun really, and they arrived on the new moon while I was teaching.

The following day, I couldn't wait to experiment.  Small ideas flowed out, other images that I've been holding for a couple of months popped up too, as if all desperate to be given life.

I begin painting and in doing so, all the other elements that make Shakti Mandalas unique would flow into my mind, as if they had all been waiting for the right moment.

This current new moon energy is firey with the Sun and Moon being in Leo.  It's filled me with energy and desire to paint.  It's given me that kick up the butt to get painting again!

Shakti Mandalas are the perfect way for me to share the endless streams of vision, colours and shapes that are given to me.  Sometimes I'm given a name for the mandala before I've created it, and by researching the latest astrological influences, I am often inspired to draw on that energy and place it into a mandala.

More about the meaning behind the name Shakti Mandala and the first set of pendants to follow...