Painting Preview.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may already be familiar with these images, but for the rest of you, here is a little overview of all the paintings I've been creating over the past few months.  I've had great fun experimenting, and although most of these are images of works in progress, most are almost finished.  I will post finished pictures soon and most will be viewable and/or for sale at the Indo British Fair in September.

Trying something new.

This spring has seen a change in direction for me.  I've been inspired by dot painting, simplicity and colour.  My inspiration is in no doubt Elspeth McLean and her beautiful creations, and I'm enjoying playing around with dots and colours...  

In other news, I now have a volunteer job with Mind at their local Wellbeing Centre.  Its a wonderful opportunity to work with people, share art and creative ideas, offer Reiki and teach meditation.  Hence the late update!  Finding time to sit on the computer, volunteer and create is becoming a challenge, buuut... Variety is the spice of life, and I'm enjoying the feeling of being needed and useful!  

If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram, you may have seen these, but I'll leave you with an overview of the paintings I've been creating over the past few months.

Jan/Feb 2015 Update

Busy Times!

Over the past few weeks I've been busy creating the rewards for the lovely people who donated to my GoFundMe Campaign, along with painting some new pendants for my Shakti Mandala Etsy Store.  I've designed a tattoo which has already been inked on skin, and generally, been catching up with lots of other projects.  I spent the whole day photographing things yesterday ready for printing, so hopeful, in the not to distant future, more of my work will be available for sale.  

For now, here's a few pictures to show you what I've been up to!

Happy Birthday Phil!

My brother is an amazing artist.  It was his birthday recently, and as he gave me a wonderful original piece of art for my birthday, I felt I should create something for him in return.

Phil works a lot with the concepts of healthy and safety in the environment, and creates amazing dazzle graphics while experimenting with shapes and geometry.
You can see his work here

As we often find inspiration in each other, I experimented and prepared some watercolour paper using yellow and black paint.  I then began adding details using fineliners and more of the same coloured paint.  I worked using the zen mandala or zentangle principles, of just allowing doodles and images to flow out, continuing until I felt the image was finished.  I am very happy with the results and so was he!

It speaks of creation, the energy resonates outwards.  There is a tension, and a harmony. There is light, there is dark, busy-ness and balance.  The organic meets the organised.

Earlybird price extended!!

As I'm entering the joyous July season of birthdays and summer events I thought I'd extend the earlybird price of £35 for my Mandala Painting Workshop!

Any bookings made before midnight on Friday 4th July will still get the discount.

Saturday 26th July 2014  10-5pm

Friends Meeting House, 16 Colebrook Street, Winchester SO23 9LH

Mandalas have been created and used for centuries by many different 
cultures.  From ancient carvings, monuments, rose windows in churches, Native American medicine wheels and Tibetan sand mandalas.  The Circle plays an important part of our spiritual history and development all over the globe.
Used as a tool to aid meditation and spiritual growth, Mandalas are an easy, enjoyable way to connect to your creative and spiritual side,  even if you haven’t drawn a thing since you were a child!
Mandalas work symbolically as a container for energy, intention and vibration, and can allow the creator a space for non-verbal expression.

No previous drawing skills are needed!  All are welcome (16+)
You will design and paint your own mandala in a secluded and peaceful 
setting.  All materials and lunch provided.

Price £40 (Earlybird £35 before July 4th) 

More information -

Wedding Tattoos!

I received this lovely message in my inbox today.  It's always an honour to see my work on skin.

"Greetings from the States! 
I just wanted to share with you how your art has reached out and touched me and my husband's lives. Last winter solstice, we decided to get married, somewhat spur of the moment but with that date in mind. We did not have wedding rings so we were thinking of getting tattoos to represent this particularly special winter solstice. After searching for a while I came across your winter solstice mandala and showed it to my husband.. we instantly knew we wanted it as our tattoo. One morning my husband woke up to tell me that he was dreaming about the mandala and it was glowing with energy, and he insisted we get this done as our tattoo. A couple weeks ago we had them done and every time we look at them on one another we can't stop smiling.
Thank you for creating this piece of art!
Your art spirals out farther than you may think!
Much love, C & B"


Been busy!

I have managed to achieve some things on the drawing and creating front, but I have had very little time to share what I've been up to here.  I've also been suffering from some technical problems with regard to moving from one computer to a new one, so it's all been a bit complicated  All in good time as they say!  I will devote some time to sharing the new things I have been working on art-wise soon.

For now, have a peak at the table tops I just recently spruced up for my local Pagan camp.  They were just rough sterling board before, with some simple designs painted on them, so I gave them a facelift!  The next job to do is to create mandala outlines on the reverse side ready for more seed mandala workshops, and a good coating of varnish!

I used left over emulsion and acrylics, so all in all, it's been a free make over!

A Valentines Mandala

Happy Valentines Day!

St Valentines Day as we know it is a day for celebrating love, partnership and romance.


It is unclear who St Valentine was, as there are 3 possible 'Valentines' the day was named after. One was a Roman priest, one a bishop and one who there was very little known about. All of them were martyred under the Roman empire. There are threads of fact in each story, so it is hard to know which St Valentine our current celebration is named after. One thing is for sure, they were all martyred, and within the church, the day is associated with martyrdom.  Martyrdom means 'death that is imposed because of the person's adherence of a religious faith or cause' and 'any experience that causes intense suffering'. Red is the colour associated with martyrdom and also, love.

Sending a card/letter on Valentines Day originates from the Middle Ages, and the first mass produced cards were made in 1847. This saw the beginning of the commercial 'spend a fortune' nature of Valentines Day.

St Valentines is also the patron saint of engaged couples, happy marriages, bee keepers, love, and more strangely, plague and fainting. The name 'Valentine' is derived from valens meaning worthy, strong and powerful.

It seems to me to be fitting that the same saint associated with love and romance is also associated with matrydom. What we forget in our fluffy celebrations of red hearts and champagne is that love is both the most exhilarating and the most painful experience we can have on earth. Hearts and flowers as a representation of love are just skimming the surface, for what is real love if not dedication, devotion and adhering to a 'cause'. Going the distance against all odds. Having a faith and trust in another person that is strong, worthy and powerful.

The relationship between the bee keeper and their bees are that of a mutual understanding, or harmony. The bee keeper must show respect and work with the bees to collect their precious honey. They both benefit from the relationship. The sweet sticky honey is the product of both parties being able to fulfill their own roles and live in support of one another. The same relationship can be seen between the bees and the flowers, the flowers and the earth, the Earth and the Universe. All living beings can feel the sting when things go wrong, when there is misunderstanding or miscommunication, a bee will die, a body will feel pain, but there needs to be understanding and trust can then be rebuilt.

A bee, sits on the top of a hive, surrounded by a sacred hexagon and sticky honey. The 6 points representing harmony and balance. The honeycomb, the treasure is guarded. Hearts, representing love and romance. The bees dance in heart shaped patterns around the flowers under a blue sky. A dozen red roses encircle the centre. ♥

Cat Hawkins 2013


Melissa – Goddess of the Bees by Cat Hawkins 2012
Prismacolor, fine liners, acrylic paint.


Melissa is a given name for a female child. The name comes from the Greek word μέλισσα (melissa), "honey bee", which in turn comes from μέλι (meli), "honey". The Greek Goddess Aphrodite was also known as Melissa, The Queen Bee, and her priestesses were known as the Melissae.

"to all the gods, honey... to the mistress of the labyrinth honey"  (from an inscription found at Knossus).

There is a wealth of information about the connections between bees and ancient myths, legends and history.  This excellent link will give you a good overview of the Bee Goddess throughout the ages.

Melissa is also the name given to the essential oil extracted from Lemon balm.  Lemon balm is a herb that grows profusely and is a member of the mint family.  It gives off a sweet aroma of lemons, and was added to wine in the Middle Ages.  The wine was then drunk for all manner of health problems or to simple raise the spirits.

Bees are sacred to Venus, they are the symbol of the Goddess and the Sacred Feminine. Venus is the ultimate feminine energy. Venus rules Fridays, the month of April, beauty, harmony and nectar of life. She is the Goddess of Love. She represents joy, rapture, art, music, food, indulgence, attraction, desire. In Greek mythology Venus is Aphrodite from whose name comes the word "aphrodisiac," that which induces desire. From Venus' name comes the word "venereal," which literally means "of lust."

"...if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live"   Albert Einstein

It is estimated that one third of the human food supply is down to insect pollination, most of which is done by the honeybee. Bees are being affected by Colony Collapse disorder, which is when a hive suddenly lose all it's worker bees. The hive suffers and dies. The bee population in the United Kingdom dropped by around 30% between 2007 and 2008. Pesticides are also killing our bees. Seeds sown with pesticide results in contaminated nectar.  
After six weeks, colonies exposed to the pesticide were lighter than the others, suggesting that workers had brought back less food to the hive. But the most dramatic effect was on queen production. The naturally-fed hives produced around 14 queens each - those exposed to the pesticide, just two (

Bee's are truly important to human life. As a feminine symbol, they conjure up images of millions of dedicated Melissae, working for Gaia, Mother Earth, keeping it alive. Their pollination brings us fruit, flowers, plants.. the world would be very different without bees. The queen bee gives life to all the other bees. Far from being in control, she is their main life source. She will populate the hive. A good queen bee can lay 2000 eggs per day in the spring.

Symbols held within the image are as follows.

The symbol in the centre is the symbol of the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is located below the navel in the area of the womb. It is the centre for creativity, for emotions, feelings, sexuality, manifestation, balance, honouring relationships and learning to let go. It is coloured orange, and it's element is water. Water is mutable, flowing, and feminine. Honey is one of the foods connected to helping cleanse and open up the sacral chakra.

The mandala features the Flower of Life pattern.  This geometrical shape composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circles, is considered to be one of the key shapes in sacred geometry, containing ancient, religious and spiritual value symbolising the fundamental forms of time and space.  There are many spiritual beliefs associated with the Flower of Life.  The Platonic Solids are geometrical forms which are said to act as a template from with all life springs.  The Metatron's Cube is said to contain the geometry of all five of the platonic solids

The basic symmetry of the Flower of life is like a snowflake, radiating outward from the centre.  Life originally evolved in water, and water also connects us back to the sacral chakra and it's element.  All life on Earth require water as the essential compound of life.
We also see a mandala.  Mandalas have been sacred to many different cultures since time began.  Mandala, in Sanskrit, means 'that which encircles'.  Every flower the bees visit is a mandala, the hive itself in a central point which they encircle.

On Melissa's chest, a blue downward facing triangle signifying the element of water.
Two bees either side representing balance, with the Goddess/Queen Bee making the third.  The number 3 is an active number, productive and symbolises the union of two, creating a third.

Arms outstretched, she is open.  She gives to her workers, they give to her.  They live in mutual respect of one another.

Saving the planets Bees should be a top priority for all of us.  Buy local honey and help support your local hives.  Think about planting wildflowers and lots of bee attracting plants in your garden.  Here you can find a Top 10 list of how you can help to save our bees.  Donate to and support your local bee charities..  You can't go far wrong with buying natural products from our wonderful bees!

This image is now available for sale on T shirts through my Spreadshirt shop. 

Every sale of this design raises £2 for The British Beekeepers Association.  Spreadshirt ships all over the world, delivers excellent customer service and every T shirt comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! 

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To keep up to date with offers, products and news, come and like my Facebook page!

To find out more about helping preserve our bees, follow some of these links!

British Beekeepers Association
Help save Bees
Save our Bees
Vanishing of the Bees
Bees for development
Bumble Bee Conservation
Bees Abroad 

Blessed Bee xx

© Cat Hawkins 2012

Capricorn Mandala

Capricorn Mandala 2012.


Happy Birthday Capricorn!

At this time of year in the Pagan/Celtic tradition we see the battle of the Holly King and the Oak king played out once more. Who will win the hand of the Goddess? At Winter Solstice, the Oak King wins the fight, and rules from December to June. The Lord of the Forest, the Green man... Although the Oak at this time is sleeping, it will soon be drawing in the warmth from the Sun and starting a new cycle. The Oak represents new life, new beginnings and great potential. At the Summer Solstice the Holly King wins the battle and rules from June to December. The Oak's power begins to fade, and makes way for the evergreen Holly, a symbol of protection... Holly bears fruit in the winter months, and reminds us of life living on through the harshest of climates. By nature it is spiky and defensive, strong and resilient.

The battle continues every year. The Holly King and Oak King are one and the same. Neither could survive without the other...

Prismacolour pencils on green canford paper.

Winter Solstice Mandala

Winter Solstice Mandala 2012.


Winter Solstice Mandala 2012

The symbol in the middle, a circle with a dot at the centre is the symbol for the Sun, surrounded by the triangular rays representing energy moving outward. This gives rise to what I see as open hands, giving and receiving energy from the rising, growing Sun. 12 points representing the 12th month, and the 12th year of the 21st century. There are 11 rays to each rising sun, representing the numerology of 21.12.2012 - 11/2.

Gold paint pen on black paper. Drawn during Solstice eve 20.12.2012 and finished by midnight of the 21.12.2012.