Painted Drum

I actually created this a few months ago, but didn't share pics at the time.  It was a special thing, working on skin, and something that became quite a personal project.  In updating the website, I found the pics and added them.  Only fair to give them a showcase now...

I would love to do more of these drums.  A painted drum would cost £80.  Let me know if you want one!

Finished Celtic Dragon Tattoo

My finished Celtic Dragon and treble clef design inked onto a very talented musician.  To see it in the flesh, go check out the owner's band

Tattooed by Tori Treasure at Black Rabbit, Newbury.

Been busy!

I have managed to achieve some things on the drawing and creating front, but I have had very little time to share what I've been up to here.  I've also been suffering from some technical problems with regard to moving from one computer to a new one, so it's all been a bit complicated  All in good time as they say!  I will devote some time to sharing the new things I have been working on art-wise soon.

For now, have a peak at the table tops I just recently spruced up for my local Pagan camp.  They were just rough sterling board before, with some simple designs painted on them, so I gave them a facelift!  The next job to do is to create mandala outlines on the reverse side ready for more seed mandala workshops, and a good coating of varnish!

I used left over emulsion and acrylics, so all in all, it's been a free make over!

Mandala Commissions

Healing Mandala for Jennie.


Now the original is in the safe hands of it's owner, I can share with you my latest mandala. It's been drawn to include many healing symbols and energies. The colours used are specific to the healing needed. Drawn on handmade paper, A4 size, with fine liners, Prismacolour pencils and gold pen.

I am always happy to create mandalas for people who feel they would like an image to aid healing, or to encourage focus on something. All mandalas are hand drawn and coloured. I try to include many symbols and all come signed, with my interpretation of what I have drawn and a digital copy to share online.  You get the original drawing of course!

Contact me here on on either of the FB pages below if you would like to commission a personal or healing mandala for you or a loved one.  Price is agreed on an individual basis but as a guide, they start at £30-£50.

Chaoticat Art and Design
Natural Shaman Blog

New Light Catchers.

I haven't made any in a while, so it was lovely to receive a commission for 2 light catchers.

All my light catchers are hand made using recycled glass beads from unwanted jewellery, along with lamp work beads, vintage crystal beads and hand cut mirrors.  Hanging from the bottom is a beautiful sparkly prism crystal that will shoot rainbows out around the room when the sunlight hits it. Sometimes I include gemstone beads, it all depends on what beads I have at the time.  Every light catcher is different and completely unique.  I sometimes make stock items, but am always open to requests.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for it to be made and sent.

Contact me using my contact form.

Cupcake Kitsch

Acrylics on canvas - December 2009.


Acrylics on box canvas.  October 2009.


Acrylics on box canvas.  May 2009.

Beaded Butterfly

Mixed media.  Acrylics and seed beads.  December 2009.