Sacred Animal Symbols

All week I've been guided to create symbols painted on stones. They've been elusive these symbols... I kept sitting with my drawing stuff only for nothing to really come. Then yesterday, images started developing. Sitting in the sunshine in the garden, the pen moved fast over the page, small thumbnails, small drawings, that simplified themselves with every re-draw. A set formed. Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle. I'm currently working very closely with these archetypes and wanted some symbols to represent them. I looked briefly at the Mayan and Aztec designs, but wanted something that was different to the ancient symbols. I wanted something that worked for me, something that wasn't trying to be ancient or connected to a culture, something universal... and they had to be simple. 


Using simple shapes, there are some obvious connections in these symbols to the animals. Serpent reminds us of the rivers, the life blood of the earth. It's downward facing triangle head shows us the energy is downward. Roots, Earth, the Lower world. Or, the triangle could be it's tail and the serpent is rising?  Serpent corresponds to the base chakra and teaches us to shed our skin and transform.

Jaguar is represented as a downward facing triangle with three dots above. Balanced on a rainbow bridge, the triangle is downward pointing representing water and the womb. The triangle and dots is also reminiscent of a Jaguars nose, as if it's appearing over the rainbow. The rainbow can also be seen as ripples on water. The triangle in its precarious balance position, could fall at anytime, representing the lighting fast changes that Jaguar can bring. 

Hummingbird has it's trademark infinity symbol, representing the way a hummingbird's wings move. The figure of eight (lemniscate) represents infinite potential and how things always come back round. Two upward pointing triangles for the tail and the head, show an upward energy. They also represent fire and direct movement. I also think this symbol looks like a skull with the lemniscate as the eyes, it immediately makes me think of the ancestors. 

Eagle has the simple chevron bird shape. Large wings gliding over the mountains represented by three upward pointing triangles. The large dot above symbolising the sun, the other dots, planets. This symbol reminds us of finding a higher perspective, rising above the mountains and taking our ideas to the stars. 

The 3 dots in each design reminds us of the three worlds, Lower, Middle and Upper. 


The symbols are painted in acrylic paint on traditional cobblestones and then coated with a weatherproof varnish. They can be used to represent the animals on your indoor or outdoor altar, or used around a sand painting to represent the elements and directions. There are no rules, use them how you see fit. If you like the symbols and would like to paint your own stones, please feel free to use these symbols. These have been gifted to me from my guides and I share them now with you. If you would like a set painted by me, please visit my Etsy store or contact me. I can paint the symbols in any colour too, so you end up with a personalised set. 


Primary School Mandala Project.

As a local artist and mother of two children who have attended Kings Worthy Primary School, I felt I wanted to do something with the school before my daughter left and my 14 year primary school adventure ends. I've always suffered with health problems, so I was unable to contribute much to the school. I never volunteered or joined the PTA as it was all too much for me. I realised however that, with my daughter now in year 6, this would be the last opportunity to offer something back to the school. My health has improved and over the years I obtained a PTLLS teaching qualification and have run workshops for various age groups.

I have made mandalas for almost 20 years. For me, they are an excellent outlet for creativity, and have allowed me to stick with my own art work and projects and develop as an artist. Mandalas are circular designs that can be found all over the world. In Tibet, mandalas are made out of sand, in India, Rangoli mandalas are made out of rice flour or coloured powders. The symbolism behind these mandalas is the impermanence of life and the changing cycles and seasons. The end result is temporary which makes the process of making the mandalas important. Just like the Year 6's coming to the end of their time at primary school, it's not the fact they made it to year 6! it's all the journeys, friends, education, social skills etc that they have learned along the way. The process is important.

Inspired by the Robert's Creek community art project in America  I suggested to the school that Year 6 create a mandala outside that can be weathered and fade over the coming year, then next year, the new Year 6's can create their own design which will be painted over the old mandala. A new tradition. Something that acts as a gift from the outgoing Year 6 to the rest of the school, something the whole school can look at and remember the children that have moved on to secondary school, and a symbol that time is precious and every thing changes. I was very grateful to hear that the school loved the idea and plans were put in place. We sourced a 1.6m wooden cable drum which would be our canvas to paint on. The project came after a challenging week of SATS and served as welcome downtime after all the pressures of tests.

We began on Friday morning. I introduced mandalas to the children and explained where you can find them, what they represent in different traditions around the world and how we were going to create our own Year 6 Mandala. I also introduced the children to nature mandalas (mandalas made with natural found materials) and showed them pictures of ones that I had made. The children then took a template of a mandala which they were asked to add to and colour in. I asked the children to think about all the things they have done whilst at Kings Worthy primary, to think about all the friends and adventures... The mandala they create represents all those things. It was lovely to hear the children reminisce and remember events right back from Year 1.  We had some amazing variations and colourful designs. The year group then voted for their favourite mandala design. Over the weekend, I drew the design up ready for us to work from.

On Tuesday the children came in messy clothes with bags of found natural materials. Small groups came to paint the mandala while the others made nature mandalas in the Woodland Walk. Every child helped paint a part of the mandala. It was a really enjoyable experience with every child adding their part to the design. We used left over emulsion paint, so the project was also an exercise in re-using and re-purposing old things, limiting waste and re-cycling. We didn't have to spend anything to create lots of beautiful artwork. The nature mandalas the children made were absolutely beautiful. So may variations, so much colour and thought, it was a real joy to see how enthusiastically and carefully the children had arranged their materials. 

I look forward to going back next year and working with the new Year 6's and continuing a tradition that allows the children to get creative, play outdoors and have some downtime after SATS week. It's been a pleasure to offer my services and work with the students and teachers. I hope the children enjoyed it as much as I did! I would encourage anyone who has a skill to share to contact your local school and work with the children. It's been a fantastic opportunity and experience. Thank you!

Left Handed Drawings

Occasionally, I like to let go and have a play. These were drawn using my non dominant hand. Inktense pencils, pastels and oil pastels.

Inspiration from things seen in the fire.

Stop the war

We got the news last night that the UK government has decided to bomb Syria. This is wrong on so many levels and will not help the situation.  We are not being listened to. Our government is destroying our country. STOP THE WAR. You are not killing in my name. #notinmyname

I have seen many turn their cover photo's on Facebook black.  This is a dark situation, this is a black situation, however, we need light, we need colour, we need hope...
I created this drawing last night. It flowed out, with little direction from me.  A spiky rainbow emerged, colours united, angry and wanting to protect the earth and it's people.

Feel free to share and use it as your profile picture to make a stand with light, colour and hope, not more darkness and depression.

If you're on Facebook come and like my page and share/download the image from there.

They want us to be depressed and scared. What better way to defy them by continuing to create, to colour the world and bring light into everyday life?



The Shamanic Artist

This article was first published in Indie Shaman Magazine Issue 22 (October 2014). 
With the start of my Facebook art group, It now feels like a good time to make it available online. 

The Shamanic Artist

  ©Cat Hawkins

©Cat Hawkins

It has taken me almost as long to to call myself a shaman (or rather, class what I do as shamanic) as it has to call myself an artist.  You never feel that you could possibly be on such a path... surely that kind of thing is for fairytale.  Then you realise there is much power and symbolism in the things you see around you, the things that come into your mind and heart, the messages that flow through you and manifest in colour and shape, and they are the only things that excite you and make sense!  Following a Shamanic path brings as many doubts and challenges as it does when you follow a path in the arts.  Few people take you seriously or understand what you do, quite often you're not even quite sure what it is you do!  You can find yourself wishing you were just happy and content in a 'normal' job as it would be much more reliable and straight forward.  Art? Spirituality? Shamanism?  not exactly the easiest paths to take.

Being a shaman, working shamanically, means being fully present, living your truth and walking your talk.  It calls you to find your authentic self.  It calls you to help others and to share your gifts.  As an artist, I feel the same level of calling.  My art has been the one true and centred voice throughout all my years of finding myself.  It helped to unravel and sort through the intense mix of emotions and problems I have had.  My art is as important to me as my spirituality, my beliefs and my healing.  I look back over my life and I see a dark time.  Many people who come to shamanism do so after or during a difficult time in their life.  For me, it was depression, a hormone disorder, anger and childhood trauma.  Over the years of illness and depression, when life felt it was too hard and unbearable, I would draw, paint and create.  I had not been able to finish my degree at art college due to the birth of my second child, but decided that art was at least one subject you could do without going to college.  Leaving university gave me the freedom to experiment with my art, try new things.  I have always loved mandalas, folk art, symbolic and abstract art, and anything to do with colour healing and symbolism.  In fact, over the years of self study into witchcraft, paganism, tarot, colour healing and seasonal festivals, I had developed quite a knowledge and passion for symbols and correspondences.

After years of fighting and learning to survive living with the hormone disorder PMDD, I re-connected to to my shamanic path.  It had felt like I had abandoned my spirituality through years of feeling unwell, doctors appointments, psyche assessments, gynae and hospital appointments.  Truth is, I had never abandoned it, I was actually going through the most important part.  To me, my re-connection was as simple as making a conscious choice to beat my demons, to ask the universe for help and to learn to trust again, accompanied by some deep learning and understanding of how my dis-ease was presenting itself.  I'd hit rock bottom many times believing that my birth here was a mistake and that I was not able to live in this world.  My children acted as my anchors to earth through these times.

  ©Cat Hawkins

©Cat Hawkins

So, how do you begin to live and work shamanically?  You learn and develop ways of transmuting pain. You understand it's origins and learn creative ways to deal with anything that affects us negatively.  During the times we are feeling depressed and blocked, we are being given time for deep understanding and contemplation.  I have ended up feeling very grateful for the years of illness, as it gave me the time to use my art and develop healing creative practices.  Now I find myself at what seems to be the morning after the 'dark night of the soul'.  I know what I know, I've seen what I've seen and I am who I am.  I feel a new life before me, and it's one that includes art every day.  I know many people go into shamanism to heal others, but I believe the most important person to heal is yourself.  Sometimes this can be done alongside offering help to others, the insights that others offer help you on your own journey and give you some kind of human perspective.  Going through intense healing of the soul and the past changes you forever.  It is the most authentic Shamanic initiation.  Every low point helped me get higher the next time.  In fact, I have noted the harder the fall, the stronger, more passionate and more dedicated I get.

My art practice is versatile and adaptable.  I use colour, shapes, symbols, paint, pencils, found objects...  I have come to realise there are no limitations.  Materials can be sourced, time can be made, and healing can occur.  It faces the same challenges as any other practice, but once you realise it's benefits, you find yourself making more time, life changes and you feel clearer and more balanced.  Drawing can heal. It's no instant fix, although the relaxation benefits of drawing and painting are well known, but also, to draw, drawing something, can take you into new realms.

Let's just stop and think for a moment about the word draw. I've always been fascinated with words and their origins and meanings.  Words and language are an art form of their own.   One of the most interesting is to DRAW.

In the artistic sense we know it to mean to produce a picture or diagram by making lines and marks on paper or a surface with a pencil, pen, etc.  We can draw things we see, we can draw shapes to help us describe things, we can also just make marks with no intention of drawing anything in particular.  In life, we also use the word to describe when we pull or drag something, as in horse drawn cart..  Draw in this sense describes a forward movement or motion, usually in a slow, steady or gentle manner.  It can also mean the coming to a conclusion or arrival at a point in time or process, like 'the train drew into the station' or 'the concert drew to a close'.  Already, we have a word, that not only means making marks but also means movement, steady pull, conclusion and closing (drawing the curtains).  Other meanings (there's more!) are to pull something through, like draw through a straw, or drawing something out, which means to take, obtain or extract from something else.  We draw a bath, we draw a pint, we draw out flavour, we draw from our emotions or past experiences and we draw certain people to us.  So it symbolises the taking out of something, but also means the taking in of something.  We draw breathe everyday to keep us alive.  The exchange happening inside our body, we take in and release out with every breath.  We draw in, we draw out.  The two have to be in balance for us to be healthy.

Other fascinating meanings are to attract, to draw our eye to something or draw the crowds, and to induce someone to reveal or do something "he refused to be drawn on what would happen".  We also draw to a conclusion or draw clear distinctions, so the word draw also acts as something that brings clarity.

  ©Cat Hawkins

©Cat Hawkins

There are also the uses of drawing in a game of football, or drawing winning tickets from a raffle. We can also be drawn to certain places people or things, often inexplicably as if our past lives or unconscious is trying to remember something.  We also draw blood, draw blanks, draw someone's fire, draw a line, draw up plans and draw the short straw.  We can be quick on the draw, draw back and draw down.   The nights draw in the autumn and draw out in the spring.  Nights draw on.  We can draw things out of people when we can see something they can't.  One very specific spiritual technique in witchcraft is a ritual to draw down the moon.  Soaking in and absorbing the lunar power and energy.

You can see how drawing can become a Shamanic act in itself, and the more you work with your own creative flow, the stronger and deeper the flow becomes.   As you create and release, you in turn get fed with more.  An exchange happens.  Being creative leads to more creative ideas.  Keeping it flowing is the most important and challenging task.  For me, I need to be creative every day.  At the very least, every other day.  Long breaks due to other life commitments can see me end up depressed and anxious.  This proves to me that my art and spirituality is my way of life.  I have no desire to get a 'real' job.  The work I create and that comes to me is real.  It feeds my soul, heals my spirit and brings me a joy I can't describe. 

Art is more than a passive healing technique, it's a powerful healing path, just like shamanism.  It's not an easy path, but it is wholly worthwhile, and for me, is the only path that allows me the freedom to use my art skills for more than just creating something to hang in an art gallery.  The process is key, the journey is what matters.  You don't need expensive art materials or art classes to use art and colour shamanically.  Use whatever you have.  Accepting artistic impulses as part of a the spiritual experience, as part of the fabric of your life can lead to revelatory experiences.  Maybe you just want to paint in red paint.  Maybe it's all you have.  We could question whether the fact you only have red paint is part of the training... being called to create and having limited resources just calls for more creativity.  Remember all the meanings of the word draw.  To sit and draw is to bring something out of yourself, or maybe it's something that fills you as you draw it in.  The transformational ability of drawing means you can literally draw out your pain, or draw in positivity.  You can draw something that gets you moving, you can draw to bring something to an end.  You can draw to get clarity to situation, you can draw to attract something into your life.  Just look at how past generations used symbols to connect to spirit, to Gods, to invoke, to banish and protect.  Talismans and amulets, medicine wheels and cave paintings.  Were the bison painted on the cave walls because man had caught one? or because he wanted to catch one?

 Mandala with Antakarahana at the centre  ©Cat Hawkins

Mandala with Antakarahana at the centre ©Cat Hawkins

Symbols are powerful.  Some invoke and some banish.  I would like to mention here the Antakarahana symbol.  This symbol is said to emit a healing frequency.  We see the same principles of healing and symbols in traditions such a Reiki, where shapes and symbols invoke and direct the intention of the healing.  The Antahkarana can be used to charge a glass of water, be placed on a chair or worn as a necklace.  Wherever you place the symbol it works to change the vibration of the room or wearer.  If a symbol can carry an energy, then we can use symbols in our spiritual practices as a focus or reminder of the path we are currently on.  We identify with symbols, we wear symbols, we get tattooed with symbols.  They are a way to communicate, unite and identify with others.  They often represent our beliefs, our allegiances or make some kind of statement.  Symbols, signs, omens and strange happenings are often commonplace for people following a Shamanic path.  As shamans a lot of our time is spent in symbolic worlds experiencing visions that need interpreting.

I allow myself to follow my creative desires.  I am slowly challenging myself more and more.  I am experiencing life differently as I have a better understanding of how I work and I am experimenting with ways of using my gifts to help others .  I have my own very specific ways of journeying and vision questing.  My meditation practice is often combined with my art.  This keeps me healthy and able to live in this world without going 'crazy'.

My visions come to me through dreams and visual thoughts all day long.  If I didn't have time to create at least some of them I would truly go insane.  So, I think what I'm saying is that up until now, I didn't know how I fitted within the Shamanic traditions.  I didn't see what skills I had that were that special.  I am not one to go on lots of spiritual courses, my path has been much more solitary, and sometimes I feel quite inadequate next to someone with lots of Shamanic qualifications or training.  Realising my art is as much my path, as it is my skill, my magic or my Shamanic power has meant I feel I have something to offer that is unique. 

Creating, painting and drawing is much like drawing tarot cards.  You can interpret any symbols painted, the colours it's painted in, the time of the month and year it's been painted and even the astrology of the time.  In tarot, I believe you may draw a card because it's energy is already in your aura or because you need it in your aura.  I believe the same of all art.  It's already there, or it needs to be there, or it needs to be drawn out and cleansed or it's power utilised.  The most important thing is to allow yourself to paint what you feel like painting.  If something has inspired you to create, you should create!  I do take commissions, but I enjoy allowing myself to play freely with new ideas and experiment with new materials.
I paint all types of symbols from all faiths and I also often get called to paint spirit animals. This leads me to research, learning, connecting to and understanding the subject.  My connection to nature and animals inspire many ideas, as does my menstrual cycle, lunar cycle, ancestry, quotes, myths, poetry and music.  

  ©Cat Hawkins

©Cat Hawkins

I often look at a blank piece of paper, canvas, or space and far from being overwhelmed or scared, I am excited.  I am the creator, the blank page is the universe, I can create whatever I want.   It's spell working and manifestation at it's finest.  A blank piece of paper ends up as a unique creation, of which only one exists, and out of the millions of possibilities, just one image emerges.  Drawing is influenced by mood, emotions, life, energy, the season, the time of month...  Every creation is as unique as life itself.  The trick is to just go with it, create, don't analyse or worry during creation, enjoy the moment, let it flow and detach yourself from the finished piece.  Who is really judging anyway?   We don't need to know where we are going to end up, or what our creation will eventually look like, we just need to make the most of the journey and learn as much as we can along the way!

Shakti Mandala Shamanic Art Group

This has been a little seed of an idea for quite some time now, but the growing conditions were never quite right. The start of November 2015 seemed to bring the perfect 'weather' as all of a sudden I looked and a shoot had formed. While out walking the dog one day, the idea and answer to how I needed to move forward came to me, and after a simple Facebook post to see who might be interested (the response was fabulous) I knew this was what had to be done.  As I worked on a mandala, the ideas flowed and the excitement grew.

Recovering from a car accident, I've been forced to drop everything I had been carrying. Almost all plans were stopped in their tracks. I'd been pushing myself all summer to prepare for a show in London. Working hard to create enough stock to sell and showcase. All the things that were calling me to paint and explore them had been put to one side.

I couldn't look at the work that had been in progress.  It took a week or so before I even attempted to pick up a pencil again.  When I did, I decided (and was advised) to start filling in a journal.  The work has flowed since, with a desire to use new materials and try new things. As I am entering new-ish territory, I thought it would be fun to have a few others along for the journey.

Shakti Mandala is the name I use for my Etsy Store and pendants, I've also just renamed my website to the same.  Shakti is the Sanskrit word for energy and the expression of the creative power of the Divine Feminine. Shakti also refers to cosmic energy and the active power of the Great Goddess.  The word is also used to describe the mother, womb, spirit-wife, feminine guardian angel and the manifestation of the creative principle.  Shakti energy promotes being independent and enhances our connection with the whole universe.

Mandala means circle, container of essence, and 'that which encircles'.  It is the mind and the universe, the eye and the earth.  Mandalas are often circular symmetrical designs, used in meditation and various cultures around the world.  They represent the beauty, intricacy and impermanence of life.  For me they are a way to meditate and focus my mind, while producing something beautiful and meaningful.  Mandalas are not just images on paper things to look at, they are a group of friends around the fire, the seasons and cycles of life. 

So, to simplify life as I move forward, the Shakti Mandala Facebook page will close, and in it's place will be the Shakti Mandala Shamanic Art Group.  My art page will be the point of contact on Facebook for my art, and the Shakti Mandala group is where we will share and learn from each other in a closed and more private environment.  I will post pictures of my work, and progress pics, mini tutorials, links to journal and art ideas, and I will try and help to encourage members to begin to create their own work.  I will share more about my own shamanic processes and how pieces of art come about.

What is Shamanic art?  I can only tell you how I see Shamanic art.  I'm sure you may find other ideas of what shamanic art is, and I urge you to contemplate ALL ideas and try anything that appeals to you.  All I can do is share how I do what I do and encourage you to eventually find your own creative way.  Traditionally, Shamans work on your behalf to encourage healing in you from whatever it is that is ailing your spirit, soul and body.  What they do is symbolic and powerful, healing you on many levels, in ways that will usually be most unexpected. 

I have found that life brings it's own opportunities for profound healing, and when you actively follow a spiritual path you tend to be more in tune with these opportunities when they arrive. Bringing art into the equation is to me one of the highest forms of magic.  From a blank piece of paper or canvas a whole new world can appear.  YOU are the creator.  You are the Master of the Empty Page, the Magician who can bring about form, line, colour, a message, a memory, and healing through expression.  

As a small child we play with making marks, we enjoy seeing a line where there wasn't one before, we just enjoy creating for no other reason other than it's a fun way to pass the time. As we get older, the ego takes over, the establishment tells us what art is and isn't, what's good and what's not, they tell us how to draw and how to see.  No longer is art fun, but a another way to be judged.  I have always created art, always... I have had abundant years and years of drought when nothing grows.  The key is to keep going.  For me personally, abandoning my art and creative practices would be as detrimental as trying to abandon my spiritual path.  I tried it once, to move away from the spiritual 'stuff' and ended up sicker than I have ever been.  My art has lulls, but I never give up, and even if I'm not creating on paper or canvas, I find many other ways to be creative and express whatever needs to be expressed.

In my eyes, Shamanic art is art that is made to bring about healing and change in some way. By creating art regularly you can learn and develop insights into life and yourself. You can challenge yourself, overcome fears, celebrate and create happiness.  Look at how popular colouring books for adults have become, it is because colouring and drawing helps to focus and relax the brain. It can give you an escape from the daily grind, and gives you an opportunity to create something with all that energy. Creating art regularly helps us assimilate things in a different way.  Like dreams, that clear up all the nonsense in our brains, art can allow us to express ideas, visions, images and create things we love to look at.  There is something very special about drawing, but I'll cover that in another blog post.

You could call what I do spiritual art, soul art, or art therapy.  I see all of those things in what I do.  I call it Shamanic because it's part of my life, I listen to the messages, I see signs and inspiration.  Those things take me down learning paths, they lead me to meet people, or discover techniques, it is an inter-connected part of my life.  I allow my spirit to guide me to what I do next. My creations sometimes feel like they aren't mine, as I really can't say where they came from!  Shamanic art is also the celebration of all that is, art can be created in honour, art can be created in memory of something.  Art an be offered, given and shared. Art created in the pure joy of being is powerful, transformations, liberating and uplifting.  Using symbols, colours, inspiration from nature and the world around us, we have plenty of resources to delve into when working creatively, the trick is to get out of your own way and allow yourself to play.

With love and blessings

Cat x

Click HERE to request to join the Shakti Mandala Shamanic Art group on Facebook.

When life tells you to stop... no uncertain terms.

A few weeks ago I had a car accident.  I was on my way to start my 1-1  Shamanic study and BAM, I get hit from behind by an 18 tonne lorry.  Thankfully, I don't remember anything about the accident. One minute I was slowing, indicating and preparing to turn, the next I was waking up in a hospital bed with a head injury and damaged shoulder.  I had apparently climbed out the car and been breathalysed but I have no memory of any of it.  Very, very scary experience. 

I have never had a car accident before.  Never experienced that kind of memory loss.  The whole day seems so surreal looking back, and if it wasn't for the painful, damaged shoulder and lack of car I wouldn't have known anything about it.  

I've spent all my time since trying to recover and deal with being on painkillers most of the time. There are massive shifts and changes going on.  I'm not sure where I'm going any more, but I feel excited to find out and see where this takes me. 

I've managed a few drawings in a new journal (it felt right to start a new journal, everything feels new at the moment) and other larger drawings have emerged too.  New ideas are forming and I hope to announce something pretty exciting soon.

Bringing fire into my life.

I treated myself to a fire bowl.  I've always wanted one but never allowed myself to splash out. The end of the garden needed a face lift, so my new fire bowl was to take pride of place. There is nothing like having the motivation to get a job done when there is something beautiful waiting to take it's spot!

Once the fire bowl arrived, I then sourced some tree stumps to place around it for sitting on and a trip was made to the local wood recycling project to source wood and pallets to build a log store.

Happy days!

Purple Fairy Holistic Event

A successful day!  The place was buzzing and customers were queing up outside waiting for it to open!  It was very well organised and the customers flowed in all day.

My friend and I both sold a few things and the general vibe was upbeat, relaxed and busy.
I'd definitely do another show with them.  Lovely experience.


Greetings cards and Postcards

I now have greetings cards and postcards available!  Greetings cards are available in A5 and 12cm square cards and I also have had some lovely A6 postcards!  Check my Etsy store later this week to purchase.  Square cards and postcards are available in multi-packs.

Indo-British Fair Update

Well, I did it!  Thanks to all who helped fund this opportunity and all who helped me through all the emotional wobbles and exhaustion!

I sold a couple of pendants and a few packs of cards and postcards. I met some lovely people and the experience of travelling to London and doing my first show was amazing. I can also proudly say that I have exhibited my work on Oxford street! 

I gave out lots of leaflets and business cards, and have made some great connections with other sellers. Patrick Moriarty who designs awesome Paisley fabrics, Paisley Power, the lovely Tripti Birgi and her fabulous jewellery and Ferne Brewster from Maya Crafts who sells gorgeous yak wool blankets, shawls and throws. I also met some lovely friends from Facebook who popped in to say hi. 

The event could have been organised better, and all traders were disappointed with the lack of attendance and customers, however, it was a really good experience for me to overcome lots of fears.  The next show will be a breeze!  If you'd like to come and see my work in person, I'll be at the Purple Fairy Psychic and Holistic event in Basingstoke on Sunday (27th Sept).

I'll be uploading new items to my Etsy store this week, so keep an eye out for new pendants and paintings.

Love to you all! and Happy Equinox! 

Wooden plaques

I've currently been upcycling some cheesy slogan plaques I bought out of the bargain bin at a local DIY store.  The plaques are lovely and far too nice to have a generic printed slogan on them. I've painted 6 this week so far.  These are one off pieces as I will probably never be able to get these plaques again.  Bright, colourful and full of energy, these plaques would look great on any wall.  They have been cut to look like 3 panels which makes them a bit more tricky to paint, but more interesting to look at.

Painting Preview.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may already be familiar with these images, but for the rest of you, here is a little overview of all the paintings I've been creating over the past few months.  I've had great fun experimenting, and although most of these are images of works in progress, most are almost finished.  I will post finished pictures soon and most will be viewable and/or for sale at the Indo British Fair in September.

Purple Fairy Psychic and Holistic Event

I will also be selling art, pendants and other creations at this event in Basingstoke, Hampshire in September.  Please come along and say hi!  (you see why I've been so quiet!  The pressure is on!)

Sunday 27th September 2015 from 10.30am
£2.50 Admission

"Due to popular demand we shall be doing our 2nd event at the Hampshire Court Hotel! Come along for a relaxing day in a very friendly environment. Enjoy a Psychic reading from one of our top psychics, or you may like a relaxing treatment or just a browse around the beautiful stalls. Over 30 stalls including Psychics, Angelic Reiki, Massage, Indian head, Reflexology, Younique, Crystals, Fairies, Salt lamps, Aura Photography, Scentsy, Manicure, Cakes, Fairy wands, Amazing artwork, New age gifts, Skin care, Face painting, Floatation tanks to name a few...much much more."

Find out more here -

Facebook Event Page

The Indo British Fair Event Details

Happy to announce the Indo British Fair details!  I'm incredibly busy creating new items to take to the fair. Very excited to be a part of it! 


Event Website

If you are a talented designer dealing in unique Asian/British/vintage/ bohemian/gypsy/tribal products and would like to participate in the fair, please email the organisers at

Lughnasadh Break

A couple of nights under canvas.  Rest and recharge before the crazy painting begins!

Steeple Leaze Farm.